Optical mirrors in precision

Surface mirrors, front surface mirrors, rear surface mirrors, deflection mirrors for every purpose

Fleige Optik offers a wide range of optical mirrors. The surface mirrors have a coating with an optical effect applied directly to the surface of the glass. Optical mirrors are used for optical systems that require an even surface structure and high reflection. Because optical mirrors reflect light, they are suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as beam deflection, optics for sensor technology or laser barcode and flatbed scanners.

We offer these in the form of:

  • Narrow and broadband mirrors
  • Mirrors for optical systems (such as surface mirrors, front surface mirrors, rear surface mirrors, deflection mirrors)
  • Extensive production possibilities (round, angular, oval, elliptical, wedge-shaped)
  • Sizes up to 500 mm and thickness of 0.5 mm possible

We also offer a variety of coatings upon request:

  • Protected aluminium mirrors
    This broadband surface mirror boasts high UV reflection. It has a broadband reflection spectrum of about 200 nm - 10 µm and is suitable for medical equipment with ultraviolet light sources thanks to especially good optical properties.
  • Enhanced aluminium mirrors
    The Al surface mirror has a dielectric overcoating on top of the aluminium coating, which means it has improved reflection characteristics without the “ghost” image effect. It also has good optical capacity, as even large dimensions can be easily implemented.
    All optical mirrors are available with a gold or silver coating.

Furthermore, the substrate can be finished with a splitter or dielectric HR coating.